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Welcoming the Rookies

Q: Some of the girls on my team are not only new to the squad, but also brand new to summer camp. I can’t wait to show them all of our team traditions, but I’m nervous that the stress of camp is going to be overwhelming for our younger members. What can I do to help prepare them? Four straight days of cheerleading can be the best week ever, but you definitely need to be ready for it. Make it clear to your rookies that camp requires a lot hard work; you have to wake up early and be excited to practice ... Read more

Being a Leader

Q: I want to be more of a leader on my squad, but I’m not the most outspoken person. How can I lead my teammates without having to stand and talk in front of everyone? Sometimes it seems like the leader is always at the front of the pack. Everyone looks at them and listens to what they have to say, so that must mean they have great leadership skills, right? Well, not necessarily. Speaking in front of a group is just one of the many characteristics a leader can have. It may be the most effective way to get a group’s ... Read more

Holiday Bonding

Q: What are some fun, holiday-themed activities I can do with my squad this month? It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but trying to get in the holiday spirit while putting everything you have into an intense competition season can be kind of difficult. However, as the holidays are in full swing, it’s important to take the time to celebrate with your teammates. Holiday parties should be a staple during this season! They’re a fantastic way to get your mind off of your routine and reconnect with your fellow cheerleaders. My team takes one practice out of our regimen to ... Read more