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Boost Your Confidence

Q: With basketball games and competition season starting, our squad has a lot of performances coming up. How can I become more confident and a better performer? I wish there was a magic solution to building confidence. The thought of hundreds, even thousands, of eyes on you can be terrifying. But like any other skill, with practice you can get better and develop confidence that is unshakable! With nationals, game day and pep rally performances on the schedule, it’s vital to fuel your confidence with preparation. Let’s say you’re debuting your competition routine at a winter pep rally in front of your entire school. ... Read more

Constructive Criticism

Q: As a team captain, how can I give my teammates constructive criticism without them taking it personally? When you stepped into your leadership role, someone might have referenced Spider-Man and told you that “with great power comes great responsibility.” While I only saw the movie once because Andrew Garfield was in it, the quote stuck with me. As a captain, it’s your responsibility to uphold your team to a high standard. However, there will always be someone who takes your tips the wrong way. When you’re giving someone advice on how to perform better, you need to be the nicest version of yourself. You ... Read more

Balancing Act

Q: Between school and cheer my schedule is really packed. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! How can I stay on top of my schoolwork and cheerleading responsibilities, while also having a social life? After an eight hour school day, a two hour practice and a half hour drive home, nothing gives me more anxiety than seeing the limited time I have to do homework. As a student athlete, my life often seems like a balancing act between schoolwork, cheerleading, friends and Twitter.  ;-) After four years of juggling my schedule, I’m convinced that 24 ... Read more