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Team Bonding

Q: What are your favorite team bonding activities? My squad is looking for some fun, new ideas for the fall. I love getting to know my fellow teammates because being close with them makes such a strong impact on the quality of the season! The typical pool parties, team dinners, putt putt and bowling matches are great ways to come together, but a special way my team bonds is by having “bigs” and “littles.” Most of our bonding activities are centered around this relationship between a younger (little) and older (big) teammate. It definitely makes a large squad of 30+ seem like a much smaller, close-knit ... Read more

Making Friends

Q: It’s my first year on the squad and I didn’t know anyone coming in. I’m kind of shy but really want to get to know my teammates better, and vice versa. How can I show my personality without making myself the center of attention? I totally feel your pain. Making new friends can sometimes feel like a losing battle. At practice, your head is reminding you to focus on the tasks at hand, but you also don’t want to be seen as the quiet, new girl who keeps to herself. It might seem like you’re being thrown into an already complete family, but you should know ... Read more

Calm Your Nerves

Q: I love cheering but get a little nervous performing in front of so many fans. How can I calm my nerves before taking the sidelines or competition floor? If you’re anything like me, picturing the audience in their underwear just doesn’t cut it when state rings or your team’s reputation is on the line. Cheerleading can be a little intimidating because those high-flying stunts and crowd-pumping cheers draw all eyes to you and your squad. The key is to harness your fear and turn it into confidence. Whether you’re showing off at the rivalry game or your favorite competition, prepare yourself. Practicing ... Read more