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Why Not?

When Kyle Blassingame was a senior in high school, one of his friends suggested he come fill in on her all star team. They were down at team member and she thought he’d be the perfect fit. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kyle agreed. He quickly fell in love with cheerleading and also saw an opportunity to get involved when he went off to college. Today Kyle is a senior at Tennessee Wesleyan University where he’s been a member of the cheer team for four years. On July 19, 2019, Kyle Blassingame’s life flipped upside down. He ... Read more

Finding Myself Through Cheerleading

I began my cheerleading career when I was only three years old. I was on a team through my school’s youth club and continued this through sixth grade. I tried out for my middle school team in seventh grade and made it. I was thrilled!  There was one problem. I was shy. Incredibly shy. Even though I loved cheerleading with all my heart, it was tough to be in front of so many people. As I got used to games and performances, I began to break out of my shell. The girls on my team and the love I had ... Read more

Awesome Athletes

Michael “Quick” McGee School/Squad Name: University of Memphis One Word to Describe You: Quick Signature Skill: Iron man full Most Notable Achievement: 2019 UCA National Champion Extracurriculars: Taekwondo, trick tumbling Favorite Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard [fusion_builder_next_page] Raven DalostoGym/Team Name: Woodlands Elite Black Ops One Word to Describe You: Driven Signature Skill: Toe touch full Most Notable Achievement: Winning NCA three times Extracurriculars: Varsity cheerleader at my high school, part time job at a gym Favorite Quote: “She believed she could so she did.” [fusion_builder_next_page] Riley BrowneGym/Team Name: Cheer Savannah Allstars- Madam Pearl One Word ... Read more