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US Nat’l Team Training Blog: WORLD CHAMPS!

It was a test of mental and physical toughness. It took our strength and focus to new heights. It was far from easy. But it was all worth it because we are 2016 World Champions! By early Friday afternoon, both USA Hip Hop and USA Pom had brought home gold medals. Later that day, USA Coed and USA All Girl would have that same opportunity. When we first walked into the HP Field House in our red, white and blue uniforms and backpacks, thousands of people from all over the world started chanting U-S-A! We stopped and stood in awe ... Read more

US Nat’l Team Training Blog: Day 10

We’re almost done with USA Cheer training, and WE’RE READY to represent our country! As training has gone on, our bodies have adjusted to the long practice days. We are much less sore but more fatigued. This is when we have to sharpen our mental focus and emphasize proper technique in our skills. It’s amazing what your mind can do! At one of our practices, we were honored with a special guest. Veteran Robert Doyle spoke to us and shared his experiences serving multiple terms in Vietnam with the US Marines. This was particularly rewarding because it reminded us that we are not just ... Read more

US Nat’l Team Training Blog: Day 8

Hi readers, I can’t believe it, but we’re already through 8 days of training and will be competing at ICU Worlds this week! With only a few days left of practices, we have our music, a dance and our entire routine is set! Blake Johnson, one of the best choreographers in the country, came in over the weekend to give us a fast-paced dance and to spice up the routine with plenty of additions. Not only has he made it a blast to perform, but he’s also been an amazing source of support for us. His energy and personality inspired us to raise the bar of ... Read more