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US Nat’l Team Training Blog: Day 5

Hi everyone! We’re 5 days in to USA training and although the practices are intense, the creation of our routine and encouragement from our coaches are keeping us motivated for greatness. Over the last few days, we’ve worked on the structure of the routine and assigned skills to unfinished sections. It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone through almost an entire routine’s choreography in less than a week, but as each part comes along, the team feels better about where we are and what we can accomplish. Even after setting most of the sections, changes are constantly being made and everyone has to stay focused to ... Read more

US Nat’l Team Training Blog: Day 3

Hey readers! It’s Kait again, and the US National Teams are getting into training mode for the 2016 ICU World Championships next week. Our practice days are getting longer and our bodies are sore, but nothing will stop us from achieving greatness! One of the most amazing things about USA Cheer is that our entire routines are put together in a matter of days – 10 to be exact! For the US National All Girl Team, the 24 women who will compete on the mat were selected less than 2 days after meeting each other. Most other teams choreograph, practice and perfect their routines over the course of a few months, but here ... Read more

US Nat’l Team Training Blog: Day 1

Hi readers! My name is Kaitlyn, and this is my second year on the US National All Girl Team. In college, I cheered on the small coed squad at Hofstra University, and I currently spend my summers teaching UCA camps for high school and college teams. Transitioning from small coed to all girl was definitely a big change, but now, I actually prefer all girl stunting! Last year at ICU Worlds, I was thrilled to win gold with USA All Girl. This year, though, we’re looking to hit an incredible routine that’s even better! Yesterday, both teams–the US National All Girl Team and US ... Read more