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Every Day Feels the Same

Q: Every day feels the same. How do I keep life exciting right now? A: Know your values & honor themFirst things first: Let’s remember that by nature, not all days are the same. That is literally impossible since time is ever-changing. Starting by shifting your perception of time and remembering that every day represents a new beginning. An easy and proven way to keep life exciting is to honor and respect your values. Values are principles by which you live. A few examples of values are connection to others, humor, wellness, friends, authenticity and so forth. When you respect ... Read more

Gatorade Scorecard

Be sure to get the most out of your practices and performances. Whether you’re headed to the gym or the sideline, hydration should always be top of mind! Click HERE to download the Gatorade Hydration Scorecard.

Tips & Tricks to Master the Mental Game: Setting Achievable Goals

Setting goals is important. Setting achievable goals is even more important. Take a deep dive into the best ways to be successful in goal setting for this season. Dori Acampora is the Founder of Integrity Media Consulting. She designs classes and training programs for athletes, coaches and other “out-of-school-time” programs focusing on mental skills and Social Emotional Learning. Dori is completing her Masters Degree at Columbia University in Psychology in Education with a research focus on youth athletic programs. She’s a former triathlete and hopes to impact youth mental wellness on a large scale through sport. For more on Dori ... Read more