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Combining Forces for Game Day

What’s the best day of the week? Game day! But even with all the excitement of Friday night lights, leading the crowd and getting them to respond to your cheers can be a tough job. The good news is that you’re not alone. Other school groups like the dance team, marching band and student section can help you elevate the game day experience. All of these groups share a common vision, so why not work together to accomplish your goals? Here are some steps to make it happen. Make a Plan Set a meeting with your captains, drum majors, coaches ... Read more

Go, Study, WIN!

A new school year has begun, and that means juggling the roles of student and athlete. Being a student-athlete can be challenging at times, but with discipline, dedication and the desire to achieve your goals, success will come. You can’t take care of business on the sidelines unless you’re winning in the classroom, so follow these eight tips to stay on your “A” game all year long. 1. Make a little time to study each day (or at least multiple times a week). Studying and completing your homework are two different things. Homework refers to a specific, immediate assignment to ... Read more

Climbing to the TOP

The art of topping stunts is a skill that’s difficult to master and complex to understand. Top girls are the face of stunts and pyramids, and with that honor comes responsibility and pressure. By no means are we complaining about being lifted in the air (and we’d be nowhere without our incredible bases and back spots!), but let’s be honest: being a top is harder than it looks. For instance. . . 1. Body control and flexibility are not natural. As a top, you are required to know which part of the foot to stand on. You must be able ... Read more