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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

As we begin another new season, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate and reset your goals. Just as you have grading sheets with clearly defined objectives and guidelines for school projects, applying that same thought and definition to your cheerleading agenda will help clear a cluttered mind and direct your focus. Get Going Write down the big, important items your team will need to prepare for in the next three months, six months, nine months and year. This should cover summer camp, football season, basketball season and competition. Think of runners when they sign up for a race; they have ... Read more

DON’T Drop the Spirit Stick

“GO LIONS!” The routine ended with a solid Heel Stretch pyramid and an impressive tumbling pass across the front. The room erupted with applause from the campers seated on the ground in front of them. One team in particular was especially supportive, standing up and jumping with excitement. “Next up – let’s hear it for the Bulldogs!” the instructor announced. The beaming group of girls who had been celebrating the Lions’ performance bounced to their places. “READY!” Their cheer began with jumps and a short motion sequence that transitioned into a basic pyramid, ending a few beats off count. Despite ... Read more

Coach Conflict

How to Handle Disagreements with Your Coach As cheerleaders, these seem to follow us everywhere, am I right? Well, I have news for you: these don’t follow us because we are cheerleaders, but because we are people. Intermixing different personalities, ages, values and thought processes naturally brings friction. Conflict is something that, even as adults, will always be around. Learning how to deal with conflict can significantly improve the health and longevity of your relationships. It’s easy to understand why conflict between teammates should be addressed, but the same is true for conflict with coaches. Whether the disagreement stems from ... Read more