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Get Organized

No matter what grade you’re heading into, there’s something exciting about going back to school! The start of a new school year brings the opportunity to have a fresh start. Check out these tips on getting organized that will help you thrive this semester in the classroom and on the mat! Color Coordinate Pick a color for each subject, for example: yellow for Science, blue for English and green for Math. Color coordinate your notebooks, folders and books to make grabbing supplies from your locker in between classes quick and easy. It’s also aesthetically pleasing! Pack Snacks You’ll thank yourself ... Read more

5 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’ve Been to NCA Summer Camp

The sun is setting on another amazing year at NCA Summer Camps across the country. For many of us, summer traditions go far beyond our time at cheer camp. The games, memories, team bonding activities and spirit chants will be used throughout the year to raise school spirit. Here are five things you will definitely remember if you have been to NCA Summer Camp (and that you can bring back to your student body)! 1. Spirit Stick Surprise! Hands down the best part of each day is when the NCA Staff puts on heart pumping music, starts throwing insane skills ... Read more

All-American Journey

Seventeen-year-old, school-wide favorite, Layne Redeagle proves her strength through her unwavering character and exemplary attitude. The Bella Vista High School Varsity Cheer squad does not recognize her for her Down Syndrome, but for her bright personality that leaves everyone with a smile. Poised, resilient, animated and fun, Layne Redeagle goes the extra mile just to get the crowd involved, all while keeping her teammates energetic and optimistic. “DIFFERENT IS OK” Coach Karen Van Tassel has been the cheer coach at Belle Vista High School for the past eight years, sharing that Layne is their second special needs cheerleader. Coach Van ... Read more