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Sideline Step by Step: Fight to Win, Score Once Again

Yell: Fight to win, score once again Start with your hands on your hips [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Bend your legs and clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Fight (Jump your feet out and hit a right L) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: To (Shift right arm to a dagger and left arm to a low V) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Win (Right punch) [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Score (Broken T) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Score (Broken T) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Once (Cross your arms in front of you) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Again (High V) [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Clasp) Start over!

Friday Nights Under the Lights

Hey guys! It’s Raelee here—a senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, TN. Go Admirals! I have been cheering since the third grade and this is my fourth and final year on the varsity squad at FHS. This year I am lucky enough to be one of our team captains. I am also an IT Girl for Varsity Spirit! As my high school career comes to a close, I’d like to share with you some of the favorite memories… FRIDAY. NIGHT. LIGHTS. Fall Friday nights in east Tennessee are for one thing and one thing only…high school football. It’s an ... Read more

Stay Warm During Cold Games

I spent four years cheering on the sidelines of the legendary Lambeau Field— the home of the Green Bay Packers. This historic stadium is also known as “The Frozen Tundra.” It gets cold. Really, really cold. We’re talking negative temperatures. That being said, I’d sort of consider myself and expert on staying warm on the sidelines when the temps drop. via GIPHY Stock up on Adhesive Toe Warmers These are so useful and versatile! Order them in bulk— you’ll thank me later. My two favorite ways to use these are in my socks and in my mittens. Put on a ... Read more