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Climbing to the TOP

The art of topping stunts is a skill that’s difficult to master and complex to understand. Top girls are the face of stunts and pyramids, and with that honor comes responsibility and pressure. By no means are we complaining about being lifted in the air (and we’d be nowhere without our incredible bases and back spots!), but let’s be honest: being a top is harder than it looks. For instance. . . 1. Body control and flexibility are not natural. As a top, you are required to know which part of the foot to stand on. You must be able ... Read more

Become a Better Leader

Who do you think of when you hear the words “great leader”? Do you think of your coach? A teacher? The president? Your team’s captain? Now think about what qualities make that person a great leader. Think of other great leaders you know. I’m willing to bet these people share some of the same characteristics. Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or organization.” The role of a cheerleader is one of leadership. When you are a cheerleader, you are automatically thrust into the role of a leader during games, pep rallies, etc. But cheerleaders ... Read more

There Is No Off Season

Cheerleading has one of the most unique schedules of any activity because the points at which a season begins and ends are so vague. During the course of a single season, you can go from tryouts to practices to camp to football games to competitions to basketball games to championships. Then, all of a sudden, you’re back at tryouts again! When fully committed, cheerleading really is a year-round activity. And while the time between seasons may not be spent with an organized squad, you should use this time to better yourself, strengthen your skills and increase your value for the ... Read more