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Tigers, Shoot Two

It’s time to get ready for tournament season. Use this short and fun chant to get the crowd hyped for the big game! Step 1: Start with your feet together and hands on hips, call “Shoot for Two!” [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 2: On the pause, bend your knees and clasp under your chin. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 3: Put your right foot next to your knee in a pretty girl stance while your hands go behind your head. Yell, “Tigers!” [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 4: On the pause, step your right foot out to a shoulder-width stance and hit a High V. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 5: ... Read more

Sideline Step by Step: Fight to Win, Score Once Again

Yell: Fight to win, score once again Start with your hands on your hips [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Bend your legs and clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Fight (Jump your feet out and hit a right L) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: To (Shift right arm to a dagger and left arm to a low V) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Win (Right punch) [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Score (Broken T) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Score (Broken T) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Once (Cross your arms in front of you) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Again (High V) [fusion_builder_next_page] Pause (Clasp) Start over!

Sideline Step by Step: Go, Fight, Win

Start with hands in a clasp. [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Go (Right punch) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Fight (Bend legs and cross arms) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Win Tonight (Jump feet together, hit a high V) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Let’s (Clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Go (Look down and drop to a low clasp) [fusion_builder_next_page] Yell: Eagles (Step back with your right foot and hit a high V) Start Over!