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Sideline: Touchdown, Let’s Score

Use this chant during football games as you cheer your team to victory!

Stair Step to Extension

Start with the top jumping into a regular load-in position. Take one dip together as a group.   STEP 1 Main base: After the group dip, bend at your knees and stay at the load position. Secondary base: After the group dip, stand up and lift the top’s left foot up to the Extension Prep level. Back spot: After the group dip, guide the top’s ankles while lifting the top’s left leg up to an Extension Prep and keeping the top’s right leg in the load position. Top: After the group dip, lift your left leg up to an Extension Prep. ... Read more

Back Handspring Inversion

All stunts should be performed under the supervision of a coach or knowledgeable adult.