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Fresh Face with Red Lip

On a bad day there is always lipstick… A fresh face paired with red lipstick is one our favorite makeup looks. It requires minimal fuss, appears effortless and is wearable for almost for any occasion. With soft, neutral eyes and a clean face, your red lips are sure to pop with color and confidence. And who doesn’t want that? Step 1 Start with a clean, moisturized face and exfoliated lips. (Make sure your face moisturizer has SPF in it!) To exfoliate your lips, wet them with water and gently scrub with a washcloth. Follow with lip balm. Step 2 Apply ... Read more

How To: Bunched Pony

Tired of your everyday pony? All you need are a few extra elastic bands to change things up. The bunched ponytail is a quick and easy hairstyle that will keep your locks in place while adding some edge. Step 1 Gather your hair and smooth into a ponytail on the crown of your head. Secure with an elastic. Take a small section of hair from the outside and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Pin it in place underneath your pony. Step 2 Use a fine comb or brush with strong bristles to tease the hair at ... Read more

How To: Low Space Buns

Step 1 Separate hair into two low pigtails at the nape of your neck. Secure with elastic hair ties. Step 2 Twist one of the pigtails from top to bottom. Step 3 Wrap the twisted pigtail around the hair tie to create a low bun. Step 4 Secure the bun with bobby pins. Use an additional hair tie if needed. Step 5 Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side. Spray both sides with hairspray to keep buns secure. Final look!