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Slide Up Braid

Take your game day look to the next level with this twist on the classic braid. The slide-up braid is an easy, eye-catching option to give your pony a little something extra. Step 1 Start with your hair in a side part. Step 2 Separate a small handful of hair near the front. The more hair you grab, the thicker your braid will be. Step 3 Braid that section normally until you have two to three inches of unbraided hair left. Step 4 Hold the braid’s center strand at the bottom. With your other hand, slide the two remaining two ... Read more

How To: Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner, also known as the cat eye, is a classic beauty look that year in and year out manages to be one of the hottest makeup trends. But many of us are too intimidated to try it, or get discouraged when we can’t master it right away. The good news is that it’s not as complicated as it looks. Just follow this guide and remember, like any stunt you’ve conquered, practice makes perfect. Step 1 The easiest way to create this look is with a gel or liquid liner. Start at the inner corner of your eye, along the ... Read more

Game Day Lips

Fall’s biggest beauty statement is a bold, beautiful lip, especially for cheerleaders on game day. Follow these steps to pull off the look like a pro and stand out on the sidelines this season. Step 1: Select your shade Your skin color will help determine what shades are right for you. For fair skin, we love a classic red. Medium skin tones look great in berry shades, while dark skin tones know how to rock a deep red. With that said, the best way to find your favorite bold color is to experiment! The right shade will light up your entire face. Lip tip: Shades with ... Read more