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Game Day Lips

Fall’s biggest beauty statement is a bold, beautiful lip, especially for cheerleaders on game day. Follow these steps to pull off the look like a pro and stand out on the sidelines this season. Step 1: Select your shade Your skin color will help determine what shades are right for you. For fair skin, we love a classic red. Medium skin tones look great in berry shades, while dark skin tones know how to rock a deep red. With that said, the best way to find your favorite bold color is to experiment! The right shade will light up your entire face. Lip tip: Shades with ... Read more

Your Best Brows

Shaping your brows doesn’t have to be a dramatic change. Many times, a slight cleanup can make a big difference.  First, understand that almost no one has symmetrical eyebrows. Our eyes are different shapes and sizes from one side to the other, and this goes for our eyebrows too. A common mistake is trying to make your brows match exactly. You start on one brow and nit-pick back and forth until what you are left with is too thin and sparse. Over-plucking can permanently alter your brow’s shape and its ability to grow back, so proceed with caution and the ... Read more

Eye Makeup Made Easy

Applying eye makeup can be tricky, even if you’ve had years of practice. Fortunately, summer is on its way and during these warmer months, less is more. Keep your makeup light and natural—while still making a statement—with our step by step guide to beautiful eyes. Step 1: Start with a clean, moisturized face. (Use a moisturizer with SPF!) If applying foundation or concealer, do so before starting on your eyes. Step 2: For a softer look, apply eyeliner before shadow. If using a liquid or gel liner, make sure your brush has stiff bristles that won’t flop. Dab your brush to remove ... Read more