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Fishtail Braid

Tired of pulling your hair back into yet another ponytail? We have your solution, and it’s called the fishtail braid. Despite its intricate appearance, this style is actually quite simple to master. It only requires two elastic bands and transitions seamlessly from school to cheer to a night out with friends. Become an instant expert with our tutorial below. Step 1 Gather your hair to one side in a low ponytail. Secure with an elastic just above the nape of your neck. Step 2 Separate the ponytail into two even sections. Step 3 Hold one section. With your other hand, ... Read more

River Falls Cheerleading Is Back and Better Than Ever

The sidelines at River Falls High School stood bare for fifteen years. It wasn’t until a new teacher at the high school introduced herself to the class and mentioned she had been a cheerleader. This prompted a student to ask why River Falls didn’t have a cheerleading team. From there, efforts to bring cheerleading back to RFHS began. The school had struggled in the past to keep cheerleading alive, having the program defunded in 2000 and later a failed, short-lived attempt at rebuilding the program. In the fall of 2014, twelve girls cheered at all home football games and that ... Read more

Become a Better Leader

Who do you think of when you hear the words “great leader”? Do you think of your coach? A teacher? The president? Your team’s captain? Now think about what qualities make that person a great leader. Think of other great leaders you know. I’m willing to bet these people share some of the same characteristics. Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or organization.” The role of a cheerleader is one of leadership. When you are a cheerleader, you are automatically thrust into the role of a leader during games, pep rallies, etc. But cheerleaders ... Read more