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Holiday Inspired Team Bonding Games

What better way to bond with teammates than with a festive, holiday party? Playing games is a great way to celebrate the season while promoting teamwork and firing up your competitive juices. Try these 12 holiday inspired team bonding games at your next squad get-together. Happy holi-games! 1. Jingle Bell Shake For this game you will need an empty tissue box, 12 jingle bells (or ping pong balls) and a piece of string. Cut a hole on both sides of the tissue box and thread the string through. Place the bells inside of the box. Then, put the box against ... Read more

5 Beauty Tricks for Girls on the Go

1. A little lipstick does the trick Lipstick handy? You’re in luck! Give your lips a pop of color, then dab a small amount on your cheeks for a fresh-faced look. Highlight your cherry cheeks with a touch of moisturizer just above your cheekbones. 2. Bomb Brows Tame your brows with an old mascara wand and a little lotion. If you have any bare spots, fill them in with eye shadow that’s a shade lighter than your hair color. 3. Dry Shampoo Bring last night’s locks back to life with a spritz of dry shampoo. If you’re on the go, ... Read more

Lower Body Blast

Stunts, jumps, tumbling, you name it. A strong lower body makes everything easier. Target your lower half with these 6 moves designed to work the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Perform the following exercises back-to-back. Repeat the circuit 3 times through, resting 1 minute between rounds, for a lower body blast in under 20 minutes. BRIDGE | 30 seconds Lie flat on your back with hands by your sides and knees bent. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Push through your heels to lift your hips off the ground while keeping your back straight. Hold for one second at the top. Lower ... Read more