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2020 Senior Fashionistas

After weeks of anticipation, Varsity All Star Fashion announced the 2020 cast of Varsity All Star Fashionistas and Fashion Guys. This elite group consists of 50 athletes from gyms all around the country who are excited to represent the leading fashion brand in all star cheerleading. These lucky athletes are among the first to get a glimpse at Varsity All Star Fashion’s newest collections at photo shoots this Fall. In addition to modeling the latest trends, they also get to take home an exclusive VASF wardrobe created just for them. Being on set at a Varsity photoshoot is exciting for ... Read more

5 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’ve Been to NCA Summer Camp

The sun is setting on another amazing year at NCA Summer Camps across the country. For many of us, summer traditions go far beyond our time at cheer camp. The games, memories, team bonding activities and spirit chants will be used throughout the year to raise school spirit. Here are five things you will definitely remember if you have been to NCA Summer Camp (and that you can bring back to your student body)! 1. Spirit Stick Surprise! Hands down the best part of each day is when the NCA Staff puts on heart pumping music, starts throwing insane skills ... Read more

How to Apply False Lashes

Step 1 Measure lash strip against your eyelid. Pro tip: If the lashes are not the correct length, the edges will lift and the lashes will fall off. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 2 Trim lashes to make proper length. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 3 Carefully apply lash adhesive to the edges of the lashes. Be sure you use enough to coat the application edge. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 4 Apply lashes along your lash line. Be sure to press the lashes down all the way across to secure them in place. [fusion_builder_next_page] Step 5 Apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes. [fusion_builder_next_page] ... Read more