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Homemade Popsicles

There are a lot of perks to summer – no school, extra sunshine, team bonding and, of course, summer camp. But one thing’s for sure … it’s hot out there! Staying hydrated should always be a priority, but cooling off with something delicious is also a must during these warm summer months. Ice cream, slushies and frozen treats are all fun to buy, but with these two popsicle recipes, you get a little bit of everything, and you’ll be thrilled to make something so tasty on your own. BANANA FIG SMOOTHIE POP Popsicles for breakfast? Of course! These smoothie pops ... Read more

50 Thoughts You Have While Your Mom Does Your Cheer Hair

Here we go again, Janet. Brace yourself for impact. Wait. Let me grab a snack first. Is it safe to use this much hairspray? Of course she forgot her bobby pins. Rookie mistake, girlfriend. These new bangs are going to be my downfall. I should make a Snapchat documentary of this. Ouch. Nevermind, just a small tangle. False alarm, everyone. Maybe I should listen to her pep talk. It could be good. *Nods and smiles* Nope, too focused on that bump on the left that has yet to be addressed. Should I say something about the bump? I mean she’s doing ... Read more