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Tackling Tryouts

Tryout season is here, and whether it’s your first or your tenth time trying out, it can be a nerve-racking experience. But that bundle of nerves in your stomach is completely normal, and it can even be a good thing! Use that energy to fuel your performance, and keep your nerves in check with our three P’s to tackling tryouts. Preparation: Don’t wait until the week of tryouts to start working on your skills and getting in shape. Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, endurance and flexibility, so start training at least a month in advance. Attend ... Read more

Look Your Best at Tryouts

It’s the day of tryouts. By most accounts, you’re ready. You know the required cheer and dance. You’ve perfected your jumps and tumbling. You are even prepared for the elusive interview questions.  But one last question remains: do you look the part? First impressions are lasting impressions, or so the saying goes. However, when it comes to cheerleading tryouts, sometimes the first impression really is the lasting impression. After you leave the tryout arena, the judges may never see you again, so that first impression needs to count. Here are a few things to help you leave a positive, lasting impression. ... Read more

How to Be a Leader at Tryouts

Cheer tryouts—that time of the year where stress hangs in the air so thick you can almost touch it. The days leading up to your five minutes in the spotlight can feel like an eternity. And while this emotional and physical rollercoaster might leave you begging the judges for mercy, it’s your job as captain or veteran to welcome, encourage and set a positive example for the other athletes trying out. Welcome New Faces It’s inevitable; there’s always that group of freshmen and newbies that huddles in the back, anxiously trying to absorb the tryout material. They’re not hard to ... Read more