For the Charles Page High School Cheerleaders, they not only put in hours of practice for game day and competition – they also put in countless hours in their communities. Collectively, they have completed 2,500 volunteer hours at a camp called Make Promises Happen in Guthrie, Oklahoma. These girls dedicate their time, talents and energy to allow individuals with disabilities to live “life without limits.” While still attending school and cheering at games, these cheerleaders also give up their weekends throughout the school year and at week-long camps throughout the summer. Even though camp is an hour and a half away from their hometown, it never stops them from volunteering. Many weekends, the Charles Page cheer team would leave right after cheering at a Friday night football game so they could get to camp as soon as possible.

At camp, each counselor is paired one on one with a camper to assist them with all camp activities, including personal care and all camp events. Activities with campers include swimming, archery, arts and crafts, high ropes course, talent show and even a dance where they can teach some of the dances they perform on the sidelines! Each of these girls has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to ensure that their campers have the best possible experience and get the chance to have the same adventures as the rest of us, regardless of disability. They bring this same level of friendship and inclusion to their school, where they are all champions for every student to be included and involved.

The goal of the Charles Page High School cheer team is to make an impact every single day as they lead others with their servant hearts. We are so proud of them and the commitment they each make to change lives one camp at a time!