Cheer: Just What the Doctor Ordered

We have all been asked what we want to be when we grow up at one point or another. When we were younger most of us answered firefighter, ballerina or astronaut. As years went by those answers became more serious and that question carried more weight. What do we want to be when we grow up? How do we want to change the world around us? While many struggle with this question, one University of Michigan cheerleader has started living out her answer in huge way.

Christina Shabet has dedicated her college career to pursuing her dream of practicing medicine. When asked about why she chose this career path Shabet responded, “Everyone wants to find a purpose and I really believe mine is to help others.” She is currently a pre-med student majoring in Industrial and Operations Engineering with hopes of her degree preparing her to think outside of the box in medicine. Like most students in pre-med, Christina is a hard worker driven to meet her goal. What sets her apart from peers is her evident dedication in pursuing her passion outside of the classroom. Christina volunteers Thursday and Friday evenings at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital where she puts a smile on young patients’ faces. On top of that, she spends time working in a research lab dedicated to testing different applications of life support to improve patient life.

As busy as her schedule sounds, work does not stop at the end of campus. While most students spend their breaks on vacation, Christina travels the world to help those in need. Instead of enjoying the holidays with her family, she devoted her winter break to shadowing doctors providing medical care to some of the poorest areas in Lima, Peru through the MedLife student volunteer program. Christina spoke about how this trip confirmed her choice to study medicine after working closely with one doctor. His passionate confidence in his chosen occupation confirmed her own desires to become a surgeon. “It was eye opening to see the people who would travel long distances to visit our clinics. I think medical care should be made available to people everywhere,” Shabet commented. During the following spring break she spent time with children in Vietnam. Christina has proven time and time again that her passion to help others spans beyond the state line to a more international stage.

Between the studying, volunteering and saving the world, Christina has managed to hold a position as a University of Michigan cheerleader. Here she has found her best friends and has even managed to make connections that will later benefit her career through the athletic department’s Dr.’s In program. On April 10, 2017 Christina received the Community Service Health and Wellness award at the Student-Athlete Recognition Celebration. This award goes to the student who promotes health, fitness, and wellness initiatives and there is no one more deserving than Christina.

Source: University of Michigan Athletics