Part of being a cheerleader is sharing love not only not only for your school or gym, but for cheerleading, too! Noelle Barretto of Maryland Twisters F5 took to social media to share a special story following a weekend of competition.

After winning a coveted jacket from Battle at the Capital, Noelle gave her jacket to a first year athlete at her gym who didn’t win that weekend. Noelle didn’t give her jacket away to build good karma, it was to spread her love for cheerleading to someone who wasn’t sure if they wanted to do all-star cheerleading next year.

Noelle said in a series of Tweets:

“Cheerleading has changed my life and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  And to be quite honest, a few years ago I don’t think I would’ve done the same thing. My mom, family, coaches, friends, teachers and especially F5 have influenced me in ways beyond measure. I am blessed with the best people in the world and a sport that is truly one of a kind. With only 4 more performances of being an athlete on F5 I want to spread as much love to anyone doubting something as good as this. Not everyone has the ability, or can handle being an all star cheerleader. If you have the opportunity take it and run!”

Regardless if you’re cheering for your football or basketball team or rocking it out on the competition floor, take a moment to cheer for yourself, your teammates and the sport you love. America needs cheerleaders and cheerleading does too!