In the past few weeks, severe flash flooding has devastated several counties throughout West Virginia. With thousands of homes destroyed and dozens of lives lost, these floods have been declared some of the deadliest in American history.

In the face of this unimaginable tragedy, the cheerleaders of Mingo Central High School (Matewan, WV) were moved to action.

Cheer coach Wendy Cisco told the Williamson Daily News, “We all watched the events unfold and we waited for the final totals of just how bad everything was. We all know flooding in this area and we know how bad it can be. We all just wished there was something we could do. The collection efforts began, myself and the girls decided we would do something to. We never dreamed it would become this big and we would get this much support.”

Throughout the week, the MCHS Cheerleaders have worked together to collect supplies and donations for flood survivors. The team partnered with a relief site in Clendenin, one of the affected areas, to deliver more than three trailers of supplies and donations. The cheerleaders even traveled to Clendenin to hand-deliver the supplies, which included cleaning products, clothes, food and toiletries.

The MCHS cheerleaders decided to forego the last week of their week conditioning period to focus on their relief efforts. “This was much more important to us, it didn’t seem right to just continue our lives as usual as others stayed in devastation,” said Cisco, “Everyone here at the school has helped in one way or another; from the faculty to the other sporting programs, to parents, to fans, to just everyone coming together to help support this. I have been amazed at the amount of support we have received from the communities and just everyone.”

America Needs Cheerleaders like those at Mingo Central High School, who served as true community leaders and ambassadors amidst extraordinary adversity.

Source: Williamson Daily News