There is nothing like the exhilarating feeling of crossing a finish line. It is a moment where all the work and sweat pays off into pure joy and success.

On April 6 the elementary schools of San Angelo got to experience that rush of accomplishment when they completed the Kids Marathon put on by the Shannon Medical Center. Starting back in January, the elementary students started running during PE class to complete 26 miles. The idea behind the Kids Marathon was to promote physical wellness in young people. It has become clear that many children today are not participating in the proper amount of exercise to maintain a healthy future. These young runners ran for this future, and they didn’t do it alone.

The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders of San Angelo Central High School recognized the value in the marathon and the meaning behind it. They made it a priority to cheer on the young people of their community as they completed their 26 miles. Every runner, big and small, needs a cheerleader along the way, and these children were no exception.

Following the event sophomore cheerleader CheyLee Stewart shared her opinion on the importance of exercise habits in young people. “Physical wellness is very important in our society. Keeping young people educated on the topic sets them up for success and good health in the future,” said Stewart.

During the marathon the cheerleaders took photos with the runners and encouraged every child from the sidelines. Junior, Sierra Delgado said her favorite part was “seeing the joy on the children’s faces as they crossed the finish line and the pride they took in finishing the 26 miles they have been working on throughout the year.”

Sierra and the other Bobcat cheerleaders had the chance to be a part of something special that day. They had the opportunity to be a part of so many young people accomplishing a goal. They got to witness the crossing of the finish line.