Add some spirit to your team’s look with these fun do-it-yourself key chains. These simple key chains make the perfect gift for your squad and can even be created in your team’s colors. You can attach them to your backpacks, keys or practice wear bags to sport your team spirit. Follow these instructions and add some style to your day!


  • Lanyard key chain
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Puffy paint

Step 1

First, select some colorful ribbon of different widths for your key chain. Choose some fun patterns to express your style.

Step 2

Now take your ribbon assortment and cut about five to nine strips that are about 12” in length. The more strands of ribbon you have the fuller your key chain will be!

Step 3

Match up all the ends of your ribbon strips on one side and pull them halfway through the lanyard key chain hole.

Step 4

Next, take your thinnest ribbon and cut a 2” long piece. Wrap the 2” piece around your other ribbon just under the lanyard key chain. Apply a dot of hot glue to fasten the 2” piece. This will secure your key chain and ensure it will not fall apart.

Step 5

Finally, select one of the thicker pieces of ribbon and use your puffy paint to add some customization to your key chain. Write your name, mascot, or school – the possibilities are endless!