DIY Squad Binder

Step 1: Visit the local craft store to select materials
Three-ring binder or folder
Letter stencils
Paint & paint brush
Stick-on jewels

Step 2: Stencil on letters
Lay the stencils down before painting on your letters; you want to be sure that everything fits. When brushing on the paint, press the stencils all the way down to avoid paint leaking through the edges. Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Add your creative flair
Time to accessorize! Use jewels, ribbons and paint pens to work your magic and add the finishing touches. (Don’t forget to put your name on the front or inside cover in case it gets lost or mixed up with a teammate’s binder.) If you can’t think of anything to add, consider using your mascot. Paint on paw prints if you’re the Tigers or go with a classic megaphone.