Cheer Squad Makes Dream Come True

The Clover Hill High School cheer squad helped make a girl’s dream come true.

Sam Dillard has had a long health-related journey throughout her 12 years. In addition to being confined to a wheelchair, the Providence Middle School student has also lost her vision.

Last month, at the Clover Hill vs. Cosby High School JV football game, Sam heard the cheerleaders on the sidelines and asked her mom to take her closer to the action.

“She has always wanted to be a cheerleader,” her mother, Dorine, said. “Sam loves music, people, singing, and school. She heard the cheering from the stands, and she kept asking to get closer.”

The cheerleaders and their parents couldn’t help but notice Sam’s positive and lighthearted personality. “We saw this little girl and decided she needed to be on the correct side of the fence,” Teresa Smith, whose daughter cheers for Clover Hill, said. The team proceeded to ask their coach if Sam could join them on the sidelines. The coach agreed without hesitation, and Sam, at least for that night, joined the cheer squad.

“They were being really nice to her,” Sam’s mother shared. “It was a nice gesture from the squad, and it meant so much to Sam. Sam just wants to have fun and do things that other kids do. They made her feel special.”

Kindness from one child to another can leave a lasting mark. In the words of Maya Angelou, “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

The Clover Hill Cheerleaders made Sam feel special, appreciated, valued, and heard. Sam needed cheerleaders.