Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve

As each year comes and goes, so do the cheerleaders that make up cheer teams. One thing, however, remains constant at La Salle High School in Pasadena, California. Serving others and being a school and community ambassador is at the heart of the cheer program.

With a school motto inspiring students to “Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve” it’s no wonder the cheerleaders strive to serve their school and proud city of Pasadena as ambassadors on and off the sideline, court and performance floor. Coach Gianna Henke is proud of the longstanding tradition the cheerleaders have of giving back to the community, realizing that being LEADERS and serving others is just as important as the cheers and skills performed.

Throughout the years, LaSalle cheerleaders have been actively living their school motto to the fullest, with activities including:

“Feed the Firefighters” – a day dedicated to showing support for everyday heroes. The cheerleaders and parents rally community support and deliver delicious hot meals to local firefighters;

“Monta Vista Fall Festival” where the cheerleaders serve food and entertain families at a local retirement facility to bring spirit and cheer throughout the festival;

MADD Walk – after a cheerleader and her sister were hit by a drunk driver, the cheerleaders rallied to support her family in their local MADD Walk to raise awareness;

Cards for Soldiers – the cheerleaders realize the tremendous sacrifices soldiers make for our country, so they carve out time from practice to extend their gratitude and lift others’ spirits; and

The La Salle Open House is always a fun favorite event where the band and cheerleaders welcome prospective new students and share Lancer pride with rousing fight songs and cheers.

No matter what the event, the La Salle cheerleaders from Pasadena, California, are shining examples of cheerLEADERS, serving others and stepping up as school and community ambassadors. Go Lancers!