Q: Every day feels the same. How do I keep life exciting right now?

A: Know your values & honor them

First things first: Let’s remember that by nature, not all days are the same. That is literally impossible since time is ever-changing. Starting by shifting your perception of time and remembering that every day represents a new beginning.

An easy and proven way to keep life exciting is to honor and respect your values.

Values are principles by which you live. A few examples of values are connection to others, humor, wellness, friends, authenticity and so forth. When you respect your values, life feels exciting and you feel good because you are honoring things that are important to you.

On the other hand, when values are not honored or disrespected, then you feel frustrated, bored and you don’t really feel inspired to take action.

So how can you keep life exciting? Be sure that you are aware of your values and that you take action to honor and respect them.

Here are 3 steps to help you understand your values so you can bring excitement and pizazz back into your life!

Step 1: Make a list of at least 10 things that you value. A list of things that are important to you. What are some things that keep you on track? An example of values are: friendship, discipline, communication, integrity, leadership, creativity, self-care and so forth.

Step 2: Under each value, make a list of five actions that you can do to honor and respect that value. So for example, let’s say creativity is one of your values. Then you’d make a list of at least five things that help you to express your creativity. This can be: dancing, painting, writing, making something, organizing your room, etc. Make sure that you have fun with these things— no judgement around them!

Step 3: This list becomes a personal guide of things you value and action items to do that you know feel good and exciting for you. Every day take a look at your own guide and make sure that you’re doing at least one thing every day that honors and respects one of your values.

This values exercise seems so simple and no big deal but I can promise you that once you start paying attention to your values and taking action that honors your values you will have so much more energy and your life will feel way more exciting!

Stéphanie is a sought-after coach, speaker and expert whose work has touched the lives of hundreds of high-performers. She is the founder of SV Empowerment, a powerful coaching firm that uses a unique approach combining emotional intelligence, energy and cognitive neuroscience to create transformational results. She believes that with fierce determination and conviction anything is possible. For more information, go to www.stephanievirchaux.com

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