Eye Makeup Made Easy

Applying eye makeup can be tricky, even if you’ve had years of practice. Fortunately, summer is on its way and during these warmer months, less is more. Keep your makeup light and natural—while still making a statement—with our step by step guide to beautiful eyes.

Step 1: Start with a clean, moisturized face. (Use a moisturizer with SPF!) If applying foundation or concealer, do so before starting on your eyes.

Step 2: For a softer look, apply eyeliner before shadow. If using a liquid or gel liner, make sure your brush has stiff bristles that won’t flop. Dab your brush to remove excess color.

Step 3: Look down into a handheld mirror. Begin lining from the outside, making short dashes with your brush (or pencil) as you move in. Line your eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible. It should be thickest on the outside and become thinner as you move toward your nose.

Step 4: Apply eye shadow with a small fluff brush. To achieve the look you see above, you will need three complementary colors. Sweep on the lightest color first from lash line to brow to disguise imperfections.

Step 5: Next, load the middle color on one side of the brush. Lightly dab from lash line to crease. Blend after application.

Step 6: To apply the darkest and final color, use a flat eyeliner brush. Load the color on one side and smooth along the lash line from the outside in. Blend up and out.

Step 7: Polish it off with a coat of black mascara and you’re ready to go!