Hawaii native Anuhea Keene had big dreams to cheer for the University of Kentucky. When she made the squad, her longtime coach Blossom Caballero promised Anuhea that she would see her cheer one day. “I have a really close relationship with her, she’s like a daughter to me,” said Blossom. “I talk to her weekly and we keep in touch as if she’s still home here in Hawaii.”

Anuhea is the first cheerleader Blossom ever coached who went on to cheer at the collegiate level. In order to express the pride she had for Anuhea, months in advance, Blossom planned a surprise trip with Anuhea’s father. “I knew she would freak out,” said Blossom. “The months of secret planning were all worth it.”

The game day experience at UK was the most memorable part of her trip to Kentucky. Anuhea was the same cheerleader she coached through all star and high school cheerleading. She may have been completing college level tricks in a much larger stadium, but Anuhea was still the loud little girl on the sideline who loves what she does. “Her face just lights up being on that field in that uniform,” said Blossom. “I know she’s living her dream day after day and I couldn’t be more proud of her!”