Fall’s biggest beauty statement is a bold, beautiful lip, especially for cheerleaders on game day. Follow these steps to pull off the look like a pro and stand out on the sidelines this season.

Step 1: Select your shade

Your skin color will help determine what shades are right for you. For fair skin, we love a classic red. Medium skin tones look great in berry shades, while dark skin tones know how to rock a deep red. With that said, the best way to find your favorite bold color is to experiment! The right shade will light up your entire face. Lip tip: Shades with blue undertones will make your teeth look whiter!

Step 2: Prepare your lips

Your lips should be soft and smooth, not dry or chapped. Before applying color, moisturize with lip balm. Without this, a bold color will draw attention to any flakes or cracks. Allow the balm to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3 (optional): Apply lip liner

Choose a pencil that closely matches your lips’ natural color, not the color of the lipstick. Gently line along the lips’ edge to enhance their shape and prevent color bleeding. Fill in your lips with the liner to make your color last longer.

Step 4: Apply lipstick

Start in the center of your lips and move out to the corners. Apply neatly for even coverage. Lip tip: You may find it easier to apply color using a lip brush. This will help give you a precise edge.

Step 5: Blot your lips

Use a tissue to carefully blot your lips. Open your lips and close them over the tissue. This will remove excess lipstick and help set the color in place. Lip tip: To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, put your finger in your mouth, lightly close your lips around it and slide your finger out.

Step 6 (optional): Apply a second layer

Apply a second layer to ensure staying power. Gently blot your lips again with a tissue.

Step 7 (optional): Apply lip gloss

Add a touch of lip gloss to finish off your look. Apply a small amount of gloss in the center and spread it outwards. This will give your lips a shiny appearance. If you prefer a matte look, skip this step. Lip tip: Keep the rest of your makeup simple. Let your lips be the star, along with you of course!

Now you’re ready to hit the sidelines in style!

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