NCA All-Star Nationals is one of the most prestigious all star cheerleading competitions in the world. Apart from the banners and jackets, this year NCA gave one award that meant more than the rest. The Go Be Great Award is given to a program that goes above and beyond the call of cheerleading to make the world a better place.

After winning their first NCA and Worlds titles last season, you would think Cheer Express must spend all of their time in the gym. However, there is a bigger goal for this gym than winning a trophy— the time and energy they donate to philanthropy projects. Since 2016, they have easily raised more money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital than any other all star gym, raising over $84,000. They hold parent party fundraisers, spin cycle classes, sell chocolate bars, organize ham drives and participated in CHEERSPORT Friday Night Live this season, where Cheer Express Miss Silver raised nearly $38,000.

Head coach, Kimberly Dickenson said, “All the fundraising puts a lot on our plate when we are also trying to be competitive. But we aren’t chasing the win. We are in this for the journey and for the experience. That’s what cheerleading is all about.  These girls are my daughters, I love them and we love cheerleading. When you do what you love, you keep doing it no matter how tired and exhausted we are.”

Congratulations to the 2019 Go Be Great Awards Winners, Cheer Express Miss Silver. Thank you for representing what it means to be an all star cheerleader on and off the mat.