Kylie Sandberg is all too familiar with battling cancer. After both her grandfathers lost their battles and her father was diagnosed, Kylie had a fire lit under her. She wanted people to have more of a chance to battle and beat their diagnosis. Today, her father is a cancer survivor and she has raised over $3,500 for the American Cancer Society. Kylie said, “I believe that having the power to give back is a privilege, so why not help when you can?”

Her junior year, Kylie started the Relay for Life Club and decided to dedicate her last two years of high school to raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Along with the club at school, she started ‘Hello Kylie’ where she bakes custom cookie orders and creates handmade clay earrings.

Kylie has baked and delivered over 5,000 cookies, many times waking up at 5am to get her day started. “I believe you truly have to be passionate about what you’re doing, and any work you do after that will come easy,” said Kylie. “If you love what you’re doing, you have the opportunity to make an even bigger difference.” Kylie’s original goal was to raise $2,000. She’s far surpassed that goal, reaching $3,500. She’s now upped her goal to $5,000 by the end of the summer.

“Cheerleading has definitely shown me that anything great comes with a lot of hard work,” said Kylie. “This fundraiser has been very difficult to keep up with, but the hard work truly pays off when I see the outcome of money that has been raised!”

Follow ‘Hello Kylie’ on Instagram (@hellokyliebs) to keep up with the fundraiser and for more information on how you can get involved.