What better way to bond with teammates than with a festive, holiday party? Playing games is a great way to celebrate the season while promoting teamwork and firing up your competitive juices. Try these 12 holiday inspired team bonding games at your next squad get-together. Happy holi-games!

1. Jingle Bell Shake

For this game you will need an empty tissue box, 12 jingle bells (or ping pong balls) and a piece of string. Cut a hole on both sides of the tissue box and thread the string through. Place the bells inside of the box. Then, put the box against your lower back and tie it around your waist. The first person to shake out all of their bells wins!

2. White Elephant

Everyone must bring one wrapped gift to the white elephant party. (The more uniquely it’s wrapped, the more fun it is!) Place all of the gifts in the middle of the room. Next, draw numbers to determine the order. The first player chooses a gift from the pile and unwraps it. The next player can either (1) select a wrapped gift from the pile or (2) “steal” a previous player’s gift. A gift can only be stolen two times until it is frozen and belongs to the last player who took it.

3. A Christmas Drawing

Each person will need a pen and paper plate. On a player’s turn, he/she holds the plate above his/her head and is instructed to draw the following: (1) a line to act as the floor; (2) a Christmas tree (with ornaments if you’re up for the challenge); (3) a star on top of the tree; (4) a present below the tree; (5) a fireplace next to the tree; and (6) a stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle. Have each player show their artwork – pause for lots of laughter – and award points.

Award 2 points:
If the tree touches the floor
If the present is under the tree
If the stocking touches the mantle

Award 1 point:
For every ornament on the tree
If the star touches the tree
If the star is above the tree
If the fireplace does not touch the tree (fire hazard!)