Winged eyeliner, also known as the cat eye, is a classic beauty look that year in and year out manages to be one of the hottest makeup trends. But many of us are too intimidated to try it, or get discouraged when we can’t master it right away. The good news is that it’s not as complicated as it looks. Just follow this guide and remember, like any stunt you’ve conquered, practice makes perfect.

Step 1

The easiest way to create this look is with a gel or liquid liner. Start at the inner corner of your eye, along the lash line. Use small strokes to draw a line across the upper lid, thickening the line as you get closer to the outer corner. 

Tip: Tilt your chin up and look down into the mirror as you apply. This will allow you to see the entire eyelid. to see the entire eyelid.

Step 2

Once you reach your last eyelash, angle the line up and out toward the end of your brow. Keep in mind that eyes come in many shapes and sizes. Experiment with the length and angle to find the look that best suits you.

Tip: Hold a brush against the side of your nose and line it up with the outer corner of your eye and end of your eyebrow. Follow this line to create your wing.

Step 3

For a bolder line, retrace your steps and fill to the desired thickness. Make sure both eyes are symmetrical.

Tip: Take a pointed Q-tip and dip it in makeup remover. Use it to perfect your lines and sharpen your edges.