Joining Forces: Cheer and Dance Teams Working Together

Sure, cheer and dance teams are different. But you have to admit, they’re pretty similar too. While it has improved, there is still a competitive air between the cheer and dance squads at many schools. The general view of cheerleaders is driven by their efforts in spirit raising, whereas dance teams are more often remembered for their performances. This view may be correct in some cases; however, it doesn’t mean that dancers can’t elevate school spirit or cheerleaders can’t add an edge of performance value.

Wouldn’t it be great if cheer and dance teams collaborated in a combined effort to represent their school in the best way possible? We at American Cheerleader believe that cheerleaders and dancers sticking together could be the glue that every school needs!

Here are some suggestions to become more united with your dance team:

  • Get to know one another by hosting a spirit squad celebration. Invite all cheerleaders and dancers to hang out, play silly games and take lots of pictures.
  • Host a joint practice. Teach your dancers the words and motions to your most popular sidelines, and allow them to teach you moves from their favorite band dances. Then, perform these together at games!
  • Invite the dance team to plan and co-host a pep rally with you. Delegating the prep work between squads will get the job done faster, and you might get inspired with some fresh ideas while working together.
  • Co-choreograph and perform a halftime routine together. Brainstorm fun, creative ways to highlight both squads. Check out the demo routines from Varsity Spirit’s college staff for inspiration.
  • If your dance team competes or performs outside of school, attend their performance and cheer them on. Create a special invitation so they can attend an outside performance or competition of your own.

How do your cheer and dance teams combine forces? Let us know in the comments below.

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