Athlete Brings Joy and Encouragement to Squad

Over the past three years at Anthony Wayne High School, the cheerleading team has had a special member. When Coach Tyler Bill took over the team, he was approached about a student who had always wanted to try cheerleading. “I was excited for the opportunity to work with Brittany and make our team all-inclusive,” said Bill. “She loves to perform and show our community all the talent she has.”

Brittany’s passion for cheerleading is apparent. At her first practice she was excited and nervous, according to Bill. The nerves didn’t stop her from trying everything she was asked. Her interest in becoming a top girl was apparent. “As a coach, I love to see any of my athletes have the desire to better themselves by trying new things,” said Bill. Brittany successfully completed her first braced pyramid as a top girl. “The expression on her face embodied the entire reason I coach- to have a positive impact on the athletes.” Now, her favorite part about being on the team is being the center top girl in the stunts and pyramids!

Brittany has not only had a positive impact on her coach, but on her teammates as well. When Brittany joined the team, the dynamic changed for the better. “Before Brittany was on the team, we overlooked many of the reasons we love cheerleading,” said team member Drew. “She brings the attitude and energy that we could all use when practicing or cheering at games.”

Brittany’s love of cheerleading and spunky personality are a staple on the team. She’s the one who brings up the moral when things get tough. “My favorite part about cheering with Brittany is the way she makes everyone laugh,” said team member Kennedy. “She keeps the energy in the gym and on the field positive and fun.”

Brittany is a senior and will graduate this year. Coach Tyler Bill is confident that Brittany left her mark on the program. He knows the team will continue her legacy of positivity, determination and hard work.

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