Katy Perry Hears One Cheerleader’s Roar

Megan Squire knows how to roar. She has been cheering for Verrado High School in Buckeye, Arizona for four years now – overcoming Down syndrome to do so.

When Verrado heard that singer Katy Perry was having a contest for high schools to create their own music video to her hit song “Roar,” Megan became the inspiration for Verrado’s entry. Their video stars Megan and shows her going through cheerleading tryouts and subsequently “roaring” before the crowd with her squad at a school pep rally.

“My original idea was for me finding my roar, but the more and more we thought about it, we realized the song is mainly about female empowerment,” Megan told a local TV station.

Check out Megan and the Verrado HS cheerleaders stopping by ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona to talk about their video:

Verrado’s video was one of five finalists, and Megan and her squad got to cheer in front of a national television audience when the finalists were announced. Although they didn’t win the contest to get a private concert at their school, Perry had a very special message for Megan.

“I want to bring Megan to a special event with me as my date, at an event I’m singing. I know which one it is. It’s going to be very exciting. We’re going to get dressed up,” Perry said. “I want to celebrate her and hear her roar in person. Megan, thank you so much. I love you. I love your spirit. You have really inspired me.”

That special event turned out to be the American Music Awards, which Megan and several of her friends and family attended this past Sunday (Nov. 24). They traveled to the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles to meet Katy Perry and see her perform.

You can see Verrado’s video (and Megan’s roar) here: