When it comes to sports, Fall usually means one thing: football season! Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your team will win every game. And sometimes, your team may have a season where the number in the loss count is higher than the number of wins. Cheering with a not-so-winning record can be difficult but despite the score, keep school spirit up with the tips below

1. Fun, Crowd Leading Chants

Besides cheering for the crowd to get loud when your team is on defense, switch up your cheers every once in awhile to have some fun with your student section. Remember those boogie chants from camp? Take your favorite one and try it with your crowd during a timeout or between quarters. It’s an easy way to have some fun with your fans!

Pro Tip: Introduce the boogie chant to your school during a pep rally. Come game time, your student section will already be comfortable with the words or call backs and can really go crazy!

2. Keep Up the Energy 

Don’t forget, the crowd feeds off the energy of the cheer team. Even if your football team has fewer points on the scoreboard, never stop cheering! If your squad stops supporting when the score is down, your fans will follow suit. The football team can also feel the energy from the stands. Help them rally when they need it most.

3. Work with All Spirit Programs 

Coordinate with your dance team and band program to unite your sideline spirit. Work on a halftime performance with cheer and dance to music by your band. You’ll have fun getting to know fresh faces and create new friendships. Making friends outside of your squad will create new energy in the hallways which will translate to spirit on the sidelines.

4. Attend Other Sporting Events 

While football may be the premiere sport of the fall, your school has other teams in season too. These teams work hard all year long and love to receive the same recognition as the football team. Consider cheering at a few volleyball games or grab your girls and support your soccer team. School spirit can be shown more places than just the sidelines on Friday night.

Take Things Up A Notch: Encourage your entire school to spread the spirit by taking on the #BelieveInYouChallenge by attending at least once activity they’ve never gone to before. Learn more about the Believe In You Challenge here.

5. Theme Games

It’s no surprise that everyone loves a good theme. Pick a theme for Friday Nights and spread the word during the week. Try to see if you can incorporate the theme into your game day attire to unite your squad with the student section. A good theme may even bring more students out to the game.

Bonus: Plan a pep rally for Friday based off the theme to get school spirit flowing before kick off!

While it can be difficult to keep spirits high when the scores aren’t always in your school’s favor, keep spreading cheer each week and you might just see the change you’re hoping for!