Tips to pack a delicious and nutritious meal:

  1. Avoid processed foods and pre-packaged meals.
    These types of foods usually lack nutrients and will keep your energy level down rather than enhance it. They can also be loaded with unnecessary calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Keep to the outside aisles of the grocery store where you will find all-natural foods. The processed foods typically live in the middle aisles.
  2. Stay Hydrated.
    The importance of drinking water cannot be overstated. From aiding your digestive system to clearing your skin, the rumors you hear are true. Did you know that water also gives you energy? Try it one day. When you feel tired, drink a big glass of H20. More than likely, you’ll get your energy back. Carry a bottle with you all day and keep the refills coming.
  3. Eat more protein.
    Protein is the key to feeling full and staying energized. Even better, it’s an easy, delicious addition to your lunchbox. From lean deli meats and cheeses to nuts and hummus, many high-protein foods are grab-and-go items that will help get you out the door quickly in the mornings.
  4. Include all food groups.
    The ideal lunch includes one protein (baked chicken, deli meat, hard boiled egg), one serving of whole grains (bread, wrap, pita), one fruit (apple, peach, berries), one veggie (salad, carrot sticks, kale chips) and one dairy or “good fat” item (yogurt, cheese, salad dressing).
  5. Cook and prep your own lunch.
    It’s true that when you have control of what goes in your lunchbox, you will be more mindful of putting healthy foods in it. Plus, quick and easy recipes are so much fun to cook and taste. Lunch should be nutritious and delicious, and one way to accomplish that is to become your own chef!

Read on to get some quick and easy lunch ideas!