Nicole Atlas Robinson, a former USA Cheer Instructor, continues to embody the roles of the spirit leader, now as a dance teacher, while selflessly changing lives and making an impact not only at A.B. Miller High School in California, but throughout the Fontana School District as well. Nicole was recently named a Carlston Family Foundation 2017 Teacher of the Year for her positive long-term impact on current and former A.B. Miller students.

With Nicole, you always go full out, whether you are dancing, cheering or living life.

Nicole was originally brought to A.B. Miller as a P.E. teacher who could teach dance and coach cheer. “I thought I’d just be here for a little bit and then move onto something else,” Nicole laughed. “Twenty-one years later, not so much.” In her 22 years at A.B. Miller High School, she has transformed lives and the community.

Through her classes, which are full of life lessons interwoven with dance and performance technique, Nicole inspires generations of kids to believe in themselves, dream bigger and reach for more. Her passion and drive to constantly give the students more was rewarded with a monetary grant from the California Teacher’s Association’s Institute for Teaching to support dance classes for fourth and fifth graders at a nearby elementary school. The district took it even further, expanding the arts programs and providing access to performing arts education to other elementary school students and teachers.

Nicole sets the stage for success in an area where not a lot of young people are exposed to professional dance training. “These kids have nothing and we’re just gonna go in and give them a little bit? No, that shouldn’t be the approach!” Robinson said. “The approach [should be] to give them absolutely everything that you have because this might be the only chance that they have.”

Nicole is a cheerleader in every sense of the word. She encourages and motivates. She works hard despite obstacles. She believes, and inspires other to believe, in being part of something bigger.

Thank you, Nicole Atlas Robinson, for being you and for sharing your spirit with us.