For some people, getting organized and staying that way seems to be a natural talent. But for the rest of us? Getting organized can be an intimidating, near impossible task.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to organizing your life. The method you eventually stick with will be the one that works best with your unique personality and style. To help you out, we’ve identified five personality types—from the creative to the perfectionist—and outlined a few guidelines that will make tidying up, whether it’s your closet or your planner, a little bit easier.

If you’re creative…

You consider yourself a free spirit and visual thinker. Keeping everything neat and tidy can be a serious challenge that goes against your natural, go-with-the-flow instincts.

For artsy people like you, a standard to-do list is less likely to keep your attention. Use your creativity to your advantage with a decorative bulletin board or chalkboard that will keep important tasks at the forefront of your mind. Give bullet journaling a try; it allows for tons of creativity! Organize your closet by color and similarly, when it comes to schoolwork, utilize a color-coding system (e.g., a blue folder and blue notebook for history class).

If you’re sentimental…

You have a tough time letting go of items, even if you haven’t used them in years. Because everything you own seems to have special value, you may easily fall victim to overstuffed closets and cluttered files.

Utilize the KonMari method, which is centered around the idea of keeping things that bring you joy and getting rid of anything that doesn’t. This method becomes particularly useful when going through closets, dressers and desk drawers. To find out if this method is for you, hold an item in your hands and think of the memories it sparks. If they aren’t positive and joyful, toss it!

If you’re a leader…

You’re a big picture person. You excel at leading and delegating, so taking charge of your own space may seem like less of a priority.

Schedule and prioritize your tasks each week, tackling them one at a time and checking them off. Take a few moments early in the day to tidy up your bedroom, workspace, backpack or locker, so you can focus on your many responsibilities with a clear head.

If you procrastinate…

You tend to put off working on unappealing tasks or prefer avoiding your work altogether. Because you procrastinate, you get overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish and end up delaying the items on your to-do list even more.

Create opportunities that will force you to carve out time and stay on schedule. For example, offer to host a study group at your house or set up a weekly tutor session. Make a list of items and start with the task you dislike the least. Once you get in a rhythm, it won’t be as painful to work on the other tasks you’ve been avoiding.

If you’re a perfectionist…

There’s a good chance you’re a motivated person by nature and have an inherent desire to be organized. But you could use some help getting there, and more importantly, staying there.

Keep your room in tip-top shape by storing less attractive but necessary items out of sight. Utilize matching storage boxes to keep things uniform and orderly. (There are tons of cute designs out there!) If sorting one particular space (say, your closet) feels too overwhelming, divide it into smaller tasks and tackle one by one. For example, start by going through just your sweaters or finding a proper space for each pair of shoes.