Put Some Pep in Your Pep Rally

Back to school means back to spreading school spirit, and the best way to do that is by holding a pep rally! Pep rallies are a great tool to involve the entire school and get everyone excited for the big game. Cheerleaders are responsible for much of the planning and presentation, so use this info to put some pep in your pep rally.

Freshmen, seniors, the band, dance team, teachers, coaches, counselors … you get the idea. Invite EVERYONE to get involved! Pep rallies are designed to create enthusiasm for your school, so the more people that are on board, the more spirit you’ll ignite!

Each pep rally should have its own fun theme. Pick a theme that everyone can dress up for or use a popular song, movie or TV show as inspiration. Try “Cream the Other Team” and hold a whipped cream eating contest or “Blast from the Past” and have each class dress up from a different decade. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Pep rallies are normally held before a big game, such as Homecoming or a playoff game, but we encourage you to have as many as your school will allow! While many people associate pep rallies with football, consider planning them for other athletic teams.

During the fall or spring, you can hold your pep rally outside. Outdoor fields or stadiums make great locations; just make sure that you have a backup plan in case there is bad weather. If you are planning a winter pep rally, the school gymnasium is probably your best option.

The purpose of a pep rally is to encourage school spirit and provide students, faculty and others the chance to celebrate their team in preparation for the upcoming event. A good pep rally informs everyone about the game, generates excitement for it, honors the team’s accomplishments, creates school unity and demonstrates good sportsmanship.