With all star tryouts coming up, athletes of all levels are starting to prepare for a potential spot on the mat. Some are first-timers and others are seasoned vets looking to move up a level. From years of experience in the all star industry, I’ve found that in order to be successful you must prepare early, be known and above all things – believe in yourself.

Prepare Early

As soon as you can, research what skills the gym requires to make each USASF level, including specific tumbling, jump and stunt requirements. Allow yourself plenty of time to work for your desired skills before the tryout process begins.

Be ready to be challenged physically. Flexibility, stamina and strength are an important part of all star cheerleading. Prepare your body by stretching and doing cardio and conditioning workouts.

Keep yourself in optimal health by making healthy food choices, drinking lots of water and getting enough rest.

Be Known

If you’re new to the gym where you are trying out, take a private lesson or attend classes before the tryout. Not only will you get to work on your skills, but you can get to know the coaches and the environment. Also, this allows coaches to see your potential and your work ethic.

If you are striving to move up a level, discuss your goals with the coaches and ask about areas where you may need to improve to reach your goals.

Be enthusiastic, disciplined and energetic to stand out from the crowd. Don’t put limits on your abilities; be willing to try new things, including new skill variations and new stunt positions.

Believe in Yourself

Build confidence in yourself through consistency in your skills. Practice repetition of the skills you need so that you can trust your body to perform under pressure.

Get together with someone else trying out for the team and pair up as “positivity partners.” Lift each other up and encourage each other throughout the entire tryout process. Having a support system will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Always give 100% and never give up. Know that your absolute best is ALWAYS good enough!