The Captains of Woodlands Elite Cheer Company remain present to exploring new opportunities. They not only discover new things about themselves, but also create a lasting impact on others’ lives. As they have generated direction, memories and further inspiration, it is no surprise these athletes have found a deeper meaning to their platforms as cheerleaders. The Woodlands Elite Captains were able to find purpose in something other than perfecting their routine.

Letters of Luck

Each week of the season, the Woodlands Elite Captains chose a team at their gym to write a good luck letter to. They hand-wrote notes that included motivational quotes, words of encouragement and optimistic affirmations to promote self-confidence to each and every girl on that squad. The team emulated collaboration, comradery and compassion, all while inspiring others to be the best they can be. This created a positive ripple effect among the gym, as it became a tradition that each team at the gym looked forward to. The teams were always excited to see who would receive letters the following week.

Food Philanthropy

Woodlands Elite is unwavering in its commitment to helping the community when in need. On their off days of practice, the Captains partnered with a local food bank to sort through 6,480 pounds of food, organizing and packing roughly 720 bags for students to receive a “Buddy Backpack.” These “Buddy Backpack’s” ensured less fortunate students’ would have meals over the weekend, providing relief of anxiety. The Woodlands Elite Captains have made a steadfast effort to deliver significant assistance to underprivileged students in their community, proving it is possible to lead on ­and off the mat.

The Woodlands Elite Captains have demonstrated humility and kindness with a joyful spirit to pay it forward in their community. They hope to spark an interest in others to join charitable efforts to positively impact lives throughout their communities.