James Clemens High School (2)Did you know that February 9th through the 15th marks Random Acts of Kindness week? It’s true! Picture an entire week dedicated to compassion, thoughtfulness, and spirt-building. Sounds like a perfect fit for cheerleaders.

Stumped on where to begin? The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, RandomActsOfKindness.org, offers up countless suggestions, like taping exact change to a vending machine in the cafeteria or giving a note of encouragement to a friend.

If these acts feel a bit too . . . well, random, why not bring together your entire cheer team and brainstorm ways to make a more substantial impact? Instead of participating in random acts of kindness, plan intentional acts of kindness. How? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to make a big and lasting impression.

  1. Focus on a particular team or club at your school that your cheer team does not traditionally support. Decorate the lockers of the debate team, the bowling team, or the robotics team. Make hallway signs congratulating them on their latest success or encouraging victory for an upcoming contest –bonus points if you support them by showing up to their event in uniform!
  1. Give a little extra love to the teachers. Decorate the outside of their classroom doors with notes of appreciation. Be specific! Leave some notes blank and encourage other students to participate. Offer to help grade tests, tutor students, or clean up their classrooms.
  1. Seek out staff members who rarely receive positive feedback. The Attendance Office staff – you know, those folks who have the thankless job of tracking the comings and goings of every single student in the school – immediately comes to mind. Imagine the looks on their faces when you surprise them with flowers or homemade cookies!
  1. Create a highly visual and unexpected display of spirit. On game day, tie balloons (in your school colors of course) on cars throughout your front parking lot. The result? It looks like the entire school is celebrating!
  1. Plan an outing with your team to a retirement home. Get the residents to join in on some cheers and then assist them in making Valentines for friends or loved ones.

Notice that these ideas all involve an element of surprise. Remember, unexpected acts of kindness are usually the most impactful, so reach out and astonish someone!