Q: I feel like I’m in a rut. How can I stay motivated during this time?

A: Know your values & honor them

Feeling like you are in a rut is never fun—especially when it feels never-ending. Remember the days when you were a kid on a road trip and you kept asking your parents, “Are we there yet?” And they always responded, “Almost!” And yet, it felt like you were never going to get there?

That’s exactly the feeling of a rut. You know it’s not forever. You’ll eventually get out of it. But it feels like it could last forever!

Let’s break the cycle. I’m going to separate the question into two parts.

Part 1: I feel like I’m in a rut.

Let’s start by focusing on the mind and our words— two powerful tools that we often ignore, yet these are the tools we can use to begin to shift our mindset.

For starters, stop saying, “I feel like I’m in a rut.” In essence, you are affirming that you are indeed in a rut. The more you affirm it, the more you’re digging a deeper rut hole. Instead change the words and to what you wish the situation was.

Our words create our reality. We can use them to shift our mindset to start creating what we actually want: getting out of a rut and feeling motivated again.

Here’s an example of shifting your words to affirm what you want the situation to be. Instead of “I’m so board” think “I am learning how to feel motivated again as a I discover new hobbies.”

Here are 4 steps to help you get out of a rut:

Step 1: On a blank sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. On the left column, write ‘Disempowering’ on the right column, write ‘Empowering’

Step 2: On the column labeled ‘Disempowering’ write all the thoughts that make you feel disempowered, stressed or create doubt. Such as “I feel like I’m a rut” or “I’m not motivated.”

Step 3: For every disempowering thought that you wrote, write the new affirmation where you desire to be. Such as “I am learning how to be motivated again” or “I’m getting closer to finding my motivation” or “I am excited to learn new hobbies.” Write these in the column labeled ‘Empowering.’

Step 4: Start repeating your new affirmations on a daily basis. Through repetition, we learn to shift our thoughts. Our thoughts dictate our behaviors. The action of repeating your desired feeling is the beginning of the shift.

Check out part 2 HERE.

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