Touchdown Traditions

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He... Could... Go... ALL... THE... WAY!!! Just like that, your team has scored the first touchdown of the game! Before jumping back into kick-off, be sure proper end zone celebration is in place. [...]


Get Organized

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No matter what grade you’re heading into, there’s something exciting about going back to school! The start of a new school year brings the opportunity to have a fresh start. Check out these tips [...]


All-American Journey

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Seventeen-year-old, school-wide favorite, Layne Redeagle proves her strength through her unwavering character and exemplary attitude. The Bella Vista High School Varsity Cheer squad does not recognize her for her Down Syndrome, but for her [...]


DON’T Drop the Spirit Stick

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“GO LIONS!” The routine ended with a solid Heel Stretch pyramid and an impressive tumbling pass across the front. The room erupted with applause from the campers seated on the ground in front of [...]


Coach Conflict

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How to Handle Disagreements with Your Coach As cheerleaders, these seem to follow us everywhere, am I right? Well, I have news for you: these don’t follow us because we are cheerleaders, but because [...]


Holiday Inspired Team Bonding Games

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What better way to bond with teammates than with a festive, holiday party? Playing games is a great way to celebrate the season while promoting teamwork and firing up your competitive juices. Try these 12 [...]

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