ANC kaitlyn teachesKaitlyn Sewell says it all as she introduces herself: “There are two things I love in life – cheerleading and helping people.”

Her enthusiasm for cheerleading is evident, as she’s cheered for more than 10 years, including four with Martin Methodist College (Tenn.), where she competed at NCA College Nationals. She’s also passed on her spirit to a new generation as a three-year coach of all star and high school teams.

As for helping people? Kaitlyn has plenty of energy for that too. She is currently a missionary in Escuintla, Guatemala, where she works with youth and children to keep them involved and off of the streets. She even recruited her parents to help her start a food ministry.

Kaitlyn’s two passions–cheering and helping others–have come together in Guatemala. She has discovered a great interest in cheerleading there! But with only one gym available, children are trying to learn the sport on their own. Those of us who have been fortunate to cheer in the United States with qualified coaches and proper equipment know how dangerous this can be!

Kaitlyn is hoping to open a cheer and dance gym in Guatemala as “a safe place for kids to learn, love, cheer and dance.” In addition to providing children with a safe environment to cheer, it would also allow her to support herself and remain in Guatemala to continue her other services. According to her Facebook page, her dream is moving forward. She will be meeting with an architect next week to begin planning the building.

You can help Kaitlyn by donating or providing mats and other gym equipment (new or gently used). Please contact her at