I spent four years cheering on the sidelines of the legendary Lambeau Field— the home of the Green Bay Packers. This historic stadium is also known as “The Frozen Tundra.” It gets cold. Really, really cold. We’re talking negative temperatures. That being said, I’d sort of consider myself and expert on staying warm on the sidelines when the temps drop.


Stock up on Adhesive Toe Warmers
These are so useful and versatile! Order them in bulk— you’ll thank me later. My two favorite ways to use these are in my socks and in my mittens. Put on a regular cotton sock and stick a toe warmer on top of your foot, then add another thicker, tall sock over that. To keep your fingers warm flip a mitten inside out and stick toe warmers on each side. Put on a thin glove, then slip your hand into the heated mitten.

Layer Up
Two pairs of socks, and gloves under your mittens is a good start, but you need to insulate your core. Add a fleece-lined long sleeve shirt under your body liner and shell. Also, do yourself a favor and get some figure skating tights, they’re more insulated than regular nylons but just as thin. Wear those under leggings and throw on your warm up pants for extra warmth.

Stay Hydrated
Water helps retain body heat. In addition to water, drink a warm beverage, like hot chocolate or soup broth, during half time to warm yourself from the inside out. Also have a snack – calories fuel your internal furnace.

Don’t. Stop. Moving.
The best way to generate heat is to move your body. Sideline dances are a great way to warm up. Stay engaged in the game and continue to cheer on your team and keep your poms moving. A big play happens? Jump up and down to get the blood flowing. The band plays the fight song? Perform it full out. Get the crowd involved with cheers and chants to keep you mind off the cold.