Lilianna Saint isn’t your typical high school cheerleader. Other than cheering alongside her team at football and basketball games, she takes part in an especially unique activity, drag racing.

But First, Cheer: Currently a junior, Lilianna Saint serves as a second-year co-captain for Lexington High School. At an early age, she started taking gymnastics classes, later going to a mini-camp, prompting her interest in cheerleading.

Named co-captain as a sophomore, Lilianna expresses her enjoyment in leading the younger cheerleaders in something they all love. Being able to motivate and teach simultaneously, the energy and comradery Saint and the squad share is unparalleled.

One of Lilianna’s most memorable time of the year is creating a better holiday experience for children at Christmastime, as her team partakes in the Angel Tree program (providing less fortunate children with gifts on Christmas).

Gas, Clutch, Shift, Repeat: Since the generation of her great grandfather, Lilianna Saint calls racing her “family tradition”.  It’s a unique interest that draws their family closer. Drag racing sparks zeal, spirit and entertainment in the Saint household.

Since Lilianna was nine, she has competed in drag racing with appearances in finals over fifty times. Racing in the 1/8th of a mile, her car runs 7.90 seconds!  Saint races a Jr Dragster and will shortly be upgrading to a 67 Chevy II.

Every race is an opportunity to create a lasting impression for Lilianna. How often does Lilliana race? “Whenever there is a race scheduled, I’m there.” Something like drag racing may seem like an unlikely task for some, but not for Lilianna Saint.

Lilianna and her father even work on their own cars, preparing the engines and working on various vehicle parts. “I love getting to go out to the shop and work on race cars with my father because it is like a getaway,” Saint said.

Lilianna Saint has heart AND talent for two dynamic and lively doings, yet manages to stay committed to both. With her competitive and enthusiastic personality, there is no doubt Lilianna will succeed on the mat, and on the track.